Shirley Boyde Trust logo. An original painting By John (Johnny Olimba) Ayres 192? - 1991

    Founded in Memory of Mrs Shirley Anne Boyde, the Trust seeks to encourage research and education in the biological sciences by making grants and sponsoring public lectures. More specifically, the Trust seeks to encourage research and education in Hong Kong, South East Asia and Uganda, focussing on the biological sciences and wildlife and environmental conservation biology.

    The Trust has invited 5 of the most eminent scientists in the world to Hong Kong to give public lectures (and while here, usually, to conduct private seminars with Hong Kong's research scientists). Lecturers include Nobel Laureates Sydney Brenner and Sir Paul Nurse FRS, Sir David Lane FRS, Sir Alec Jeffreys FRS and famed geneticist Dr J Craig Venter.

    The Trust actively seeks new donations to support its important work, especially for its Research Grants. No other Charitable Foundation in Hong Kong actively supports original scientific and academic research. These are expensive and normally beyond the Trust's modest financial resources, but donors interested in sponsoring a PhD student, or a specific one-off research project should approach the Trustees who have lists of suitable candidates who need research grants for 1, 2 or 3 years or more and will be happy to discuss arranging a sponsorship.