Professor Sir David Lane presented the 3rd Shirley Boyde Memorial Lecture on 29 January 2007 entitled "Curing Cancer".



Sir David Lane

Abstract of the talk:

How will cancer be cured? The disease is very complex and very varied and has multiple risk factors. Great progress in our fundamental understanding of the causes of human cancer is guiding the discovery of improved preventatitive measures and better therapies. Early methods of detection hold great promise. However simple public health measures that could radically reduce the burden of disease have not been fully implemented and public pressures place great strain on the ethics of the scientific and commercial communities. A much greater understanding of the requirements for partnership and participation by all parties is needed. In the UK the cancer charity CRUK has played a major role in trying to tackle these issues.

Sir David was knighted for his contribution to cancer research in the New Year honours list in January 2000.